About the Instruction Manual

Most aspects of building and editing your artHIVES website should be self evident by the presence of onscreen prompts and instructions. This instruction manual is designed to compliment the general intuitive design of the artHIVES editing system. Advanced users may find little reason to consult this manual, however it is recommended that all users read the Troubleshooting section.

Mailing List

About Mailing List

Because visitors to your artHIVES website can put themselves onto your Mailing List you have a valuable tool for developing an interested and relevant audience. You too can add your existing clients and use your artHIVES back office to keep all of your records up to date.

From your back office you have the ability to edit every aspect of your list, email to individuals, collectors, other artists or your entire list. Whether you are emailing to one person or hundreds, your message is sent instantly, all at the click of your mouse.

Undelivered emails will be returned to your inbox so that you will know when an address becomes redundant. If you notice an email address appearing on your mailing list more than once, don't worry, your web based emailer will only send a single message to duplicated addresses.

Your mailing list is designed to allow you to easily maintain a relevant and up to date data base, allowing you to take advantage of one of the most cost effect means of promotion.


Adding members

To add a new member to your Mailing List, click the "Mailing List" button in the front end of your website and complete the mailing list form on behalf of the new member.