About the Instruction Manual

Most aspects of building and editing your artHIVES website should be self evident by the presence of onscreen prompts and instructions. This instruction manual is designed to compliment the general intuitive design of the artHIVES editing system. Advanced users may find little reason to consult this manual, however it is recommended that all users read the Troubleshooting section.

Hiding Galleries and Images

You have the ability to hide a gallery or image from public view by clicking on the "DISPLAY" tick box on the EDIT THIS GALLERY page or the EDIT THIS IMAGE page. When the box is ticked it is viewable by the public.

TIP 1: When building a gallery hide it from public view until you have completed construction. Because changes are viewable instantly, it is possible for the public to view an incomplete gallery.
TIP 2: When using your artHIVES site as an archival tool, you may wish to store some documentary images in you galleries for you own record, but hide them from the public.