The RAW Art Workshop opens in West End.

Tracy McDowall is a practicing artist and teacher and founded RAW Art in 1994 to provide artworkshops and classes mainly in schools in Queensland and New South Wales.  In 2015 McDowall has opened The RAW Art Workshop, a new creative space for toddlers, kids, and adults in the heart of West End. They run a range of hands-on activities for all ages, and all creative types – from the absolute novice through to the true artist and craftist. They aim to create a relaxed environment for people to create, share ideas and to inspire each other .

RAW Art runs a fantastic Toddler Program (ages 3- 5year olds) Monday - Friday at 10am, and Primary age kids workshops every afternoon at 3.30, Saturday mornings, and school holidays. They focus on a different media and process with every hands-on workshop, with fantastic results every time.

For Adults they host a broad range of workshops by Artists and Craftists every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, ranging from Photographic Screenprinting to Macrame. These are fun relaxed evenings, with completed pieces at the end of each session. A great way to gain some skills in a range of media.

Life Drawing classes are run every Thursday night from 7-9pm - these are informal Social Sketching sessions. Just bring along your favourite media, and draw and paint your heart out! A fantastic way to get back to basics!

They also run a free BYO project session every Thursday (Paint Draw Print) and Friday (Fabric Yarn Stitch)  (12 - 2.00pm) - just bring along your project, relax in their inspiring studio, share ideas, gain skills, make friends!

Check out The RAW Art Workshop's extensive program here.